Tillandsia juncifolia (small), beautiful airplant for sale

T. juncifolia (small)

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This species grows very long leaves that have a vibrant green color, are about as thin as a straw, and extend upwards but tend to bend down and spread out toward the ends. They are more or less uniform in length, and the plant’s many leaves can also blush into a deep red color. After some time, an inflorescence that is just as slim emerges, where deep violet flowers bloom. The whole plant, in general, exudes a very chic, and modern vibe, and can definitely be used as a unique centerpiece for someone who is looking to create a decorative theme that follows a somewhat avant-garde style.

Suggest growing condition

Airflow: Moderate
Light: Shaded bright light to Direct morning sunlight
Water: At least once every 2 days

*Watering frequency is determined by growing environment.

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