T. eric knobloch, beautiful airplant for sale

T. eric knobloch

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The Tillandsia eric knobloch is a hybrid of the Tillandsia streptophylla and brachycaulos. It has very long leaves that are spread out and droop down, the tips of each blade curling towards the plant’s base. The leaves are a lime green color, but over time they blush into a beautiful pale shade of red. Since its leaves are already spread out very nicely, there is enough space in the plant’s center for the inflorescence to grow. Numerous lilac-colored flowers bloom and complement the leaves’ red tone. This piece is gorgeous because the way the leaves are spread out combined with the red hues and the arrangement of purple flowers in the center make the plant look like a beautiful bouquet. 

Suggest growing condition

Airflow: Moderate
Light: Bright light to Direct morning sunlight
Water: At least once every 2 days

*Watering frequency is determined by growing environment.

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