Tillandsia ionantha Guatemala, beautiful airplant for sale

T. ionantha Guatemala

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The Tillandsia ionantha guatemala has tapered leaves of a lettuce green color that are also slightly thick and rounded. These numerous leaves are upright and very close to one another, only slightly separating from each other at the ends. But, once its inflorescence starts to grow up and out of the plant’s center, its leaves start to gradually spread out to make space, and the leaves that were once a light green color, fade into a fiery red color. Then, tubular flowers pop out that are a deep violet color, each flower topped with yellow stamens. This is a beautiful piece and is perfect for someone who would like to give their area a dash of color, without the plant taking up too much space. 

Suggest growing condition

Airflow: Moderate
Light: Shaded bright light to Direct morning sunlight
Water: At least once every 2 days

*Watering frequency is determined by growing environment.

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