Tillandsia paucifolia, beautiful airplant for sale

T. paucifolia

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Also known as the “Potbelly air plant” because of its wide base. It has thick leaves that grow upwards and are the usual pale green and silver in color. But one thing that makes this unique is its noticeable structure where all the leaves grow towards one curved direction and are more or less of uniform length. Then when this plant matures the leaves start separating and extend outwards in all directions. It creates an opening in the middle where enchanting pink bracts grow and eventually bloom pale violet flowers, like a delicate gem grown amidst all the thickness. A piece that is able to perfectly complement a home that is in need of something simple yet stunning.

Suggest growing condition

Airflow: Moderate
Light: Shaded bright light to Direct morning sunlight
Water: At least once every 2 days

*Watering frequency is determined by growing environment.

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